Gender peripheries of the Internet Governance Forum in Latin America

30 September 2013

The Sixth Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum that took place in Argentina at the end of August showed that women are making headway in the Latin American forum. The involvement of young women in internet governance discussions added a diversity of perspectives. Coming largely from the technical and free software movement and the civil and digital rights arena, they also provided interesting input to the multistakeholdering debate.

Even though there was a lot of interest around internet and human rights, privacy and security, and freedom of expression, one discussion that was absent was on gender analysis. Gender was programmed as a cross-cutting issue but, in practice, it was extremely difficult to have in-depth gender analysis across all the issues being debated. gathered some reflections on the event from members of our team at the Forum, hoping to make gender analysis more than a peripheral issue in this regional arena.

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