Social media plays critical role in today's Pakistan (audio)

ES for Radio Fire
ES for Radio Fire on 23 May 2012
Feminist International Radio Endeavour (FIRE) harnesses the power of the internet to connect individual experience with structural and global discrimination and exclusion. FIRE’s feminist perspective is not simply about 'women’s rights'; it is about raising women’s voices and perspectives on all issues. The station highlights the issues and voices of minority and immigrant women in particular, taking care to link race and gender-based discriminations among others.

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Audio length: 11mins

Nighat Dad from Bytes for All (Pakistan) talked to Radio Fire (Feminist International Radio Endeavour) about Take Back The Tech! campaign in Pakistan as well as her personal transformation through digital storytelling.

Nighat Dad listed among Pakistan’s most influential ‘Twitterati’ by the Express Tribune’s ’140 characters’ list also speaks about the important role social media plays in today’s Pakistan, and highlights Twitter as a critical space for interaction with politicians or journalist.

The interview was carried out by ​​Radio Fire during the 12th AWID Forum ‘Transforming the economic power to advance the Women’s Rights and Justice’ that took place in Istanbul Turkey, from 19 to 22 April 2012.

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