The 'Gender and Citizenship in the Information Society' research: Final meeting report

10 April 2012

By IT for Change

The final meeting of the ‘Gender and Citizenship in the Information Society’(CITIGEN) research network was organized by IT for Change in Bangalore in February 2012. The CITIGEN research programme studies whether marginalised women benefit from new information and communication technologies and whether the internet and mobile phones strengthened their active citizenship. The final meeting of the CITIGEN programme was an occasion for the network members to take stock of the work done and to reflect upon the questions framing the research endeavour that they have been a part of. During the meeting, feminist activists and scholars engaged with the research findings and shared their feminist knowledge and praxis in this emerging domain.

Meeting report:

Session 1: What is network society all about? - Feminist analysis of contemporary times

Session 2: Techno parables and feminist paradoxes - Narrations of the CITIGEN stories

Session 3: Making network society deliver for gender justice – Some answers and questions from the CITIGEN researches

Session 4: Can we grasp the big picture? - A panel discussion

Session 5: What matters in building feminist power through technologies

Session 6: Towards a synthesis of CITIGEN's thoughts and practices – what does the network society have to do with discourses of gender and citizenship

Session 7: Technology, transformation and tipping points – Case studies of non-linear change

Session 8: 'Money, a room and network freedoms' – My vision of democracy and gender justice

Session 9&10: Pointers from CITIGEN - What do we need to take away for theory and practice

Session 11: Space for musings – Reflecting about the CITIGEN network and beyond

The detailed session by session report of the final meeting of the CITIGEN Programme can be read
at :

To read the Executive Summary go to:

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