This Strategy document describes the general goals of the Strategy and defines a number of strategic actions that serve to achieve these general goals. For this purpose, the strategy is subdivided into five sections, and four teen individual goals. The sections describe the major strategic areas to be addressed, and are directed to different target groups in the country:
Section I: Government as Promoter, Legislator and User of ICT, is directed at the government, and addresses the needs for suitable ICT institutional structures, policy definitions and introduction of e-government services.
Section II: Use of ICT for Education, Research, Health and Social Services, aims at deploying ICT for the direct benefit of citizens.
Section III: Building Infrastructure needed for an Open Information Society, addresses the need to deliver the infrastructure necessary for the information society.
Section IV: Generating Economic Growth in the Private Sector, addresses the need to promote the private sector to embrace the tools of the information society.
Section V: Ensuring Relevance of ICT Strategy within a Regional and European Context, focuses on the need to ensure ICT policy cooperation on a supranational level.
Gender & ICT issues:
Albania ICT Strategy in general is gender neutral, although among the goals of the ICT Strategy, the goal of Section III "Building Infrastructure needed for an Open Information Society" is to build a country wide infrastructure providing access for all to the Internet on the basis of a market economy, taking into consideration gender, age, and other special needs of targeted user groups.

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