The Plan of Action adopted in November 2001 outlines the strategic
objectives of the UN ICT Task Force. In its plan the Task Force
recognizes the potential of ICTs to contribute to elimination of gender
disparities, and sets as one of its strategic objectives to provide
platform for the analysis of ICTs potential to enhance the programmes
promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women. The Plan
includes the number of actions targeting developing countries as well
as countries in transitions and addressing various gender and ICT

Lack of awareness among governments and other policy-makers on
the potential of ICTs for promoting gender equality and poverty

Lack of policy interventions addressing women’s needs and promoting women’s participation in the ICT sector;

Disparities in ICT higher educational as well as training opportunities and achievements between girls/women and boys/men;

Access of women to health information and health care to combat HIV/AIDS and other pandemics;

Low participation of women, especially those living in rural
areas of developing countries, in e-commerce, and other small and
medium size entrepreneurship involving IT-enabled services.

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