Here is a repository of the latest research reports, policy documents, presentations, issue papers, and other relevant publications focusing on the area of ICT and gender.

In this document is presented basic information on the expansion of ICTs in the Latin America Region, stating the major gaps. It also presents the results of some studies, and of an electronic consultation, which give evidence of the progress, obstacles and recommendations for policies and programs that strengthen gender equality in and through ICTs.
The report, conducted by the European Commission, analysis differences in "e-inclusion" among Europeans by education, income, age and gender.
Author examines impact of information and communication technologies on advancement and empowerment of women.<br />
The report is based on the experience from the ICT Training for Bulgarian Women from NGOs
This document presents project “Capacity Building of Lithuanian Women Through ICT & Networking” evaluation of a feedback from women who attended courses on Computer Basics and Internet.
It provides an overview of the context for ICT development in<br /><br />Hungary, examines the initial and especially the in-service teacher training provided to facilitate teachers' use of ICT in their pedagogical practice, notes the obstacles and some<br /><br />recent incentives for career and professional development in this field, and analyses governmental and non-governmental initiatives in Hungary to break down the digital divide in the last decade, thereby encouraging greater integration of ICT in the pedagogical practices of Hungarian schools and classrooms.
"ICT can impede inclusion and participation if users do not pay attention to its effects on communities and the structures of organizations themselves. Deliberate and thoughtful engagement with the technology is essential". This is one of the assumptions presented in this study, where the author analises the potential of ICT to foster democratic relations and effective strategies within civil society and looks at the internet’s influence on advocacy communities, especially within the women's movement and organizations.
The table maps the many meetings - both WSIS and other - in which women have partitipated which have made - or will make - input to the 'Draft Declaration and Action Plan' for the World Summit on the Information Society.<br /><br /><br />
The paper outlines APCWNSP's comments on the Draft declaration of Principles (Document WSIS/PCIP/DT/1-E) of the WSIS. It emphasises the need to adopt the principle of gender-mainstreaming throughout all aspects of the WSIS Declaration and Action Plan.<br />