[COLUMN] How womxn in the global south are RECLAIMING SOCIAL MEDIA to shine the spotlight on disability

Samukelisiwe Mabaso on 10 Oct 2017
Womxn in global south are making revolutionary uses of social media, and this includes people challenging casual and everyday ableism. In her column Samukelisiwe Mabaso looks at three amazing projects from different countries that are revolutionizing how disability is talked about - how they are changing language, discourse and perceptions

Intersectional barriers to internet access: Gender and disability

Becky Band Jain on 28 Mar 2016
No group of individuals has been as severely restricted, with respect to their reproductive rights, as women with disabilities. Located overwhelmingly in the global South, where most disabled people live, women with disabilities encounter levels of multidimensional discrimination that are unparalleled by other groups in the world.

Pakistan: Count me IN!! Something I can’t unthink now...

Nighat Dad on 21 Jun 2011
Nighat Dad shares her experience from the Count me IN! Conference organized by CREA, an international, feminist, human rights organisation, in April 2011, in Kathmandu. The Conference brings annually together women who have not been counted in - sex workers, disabled, single, young, lesbian and HIV-positive women, and trans people from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, to discuss violence against women and strategies of resistance. "I was bit amazed at the title of the conference, <a href="http://www.countmeinconference.org/">“Count me IN!”</a> but when I looked into the agenda in detail I noticed that the conference had a very particular focus on the overlooked segments of society which we tend to ignore in our activism and feminist movements," introduces Nighat her post-conference reflection.
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