Highway Africa 2006

Women in Black

Brenda Zulu on 15 Sep 2006
When we went for dinner at the Settlers Monument on September 12, i was surprised to see the "Women in Black". Having been associatd with the women's movement in Africa, i thought these were the same people. But no! These were young women who were going to serve us food.

Where are the Women? At home, not being assertive.

on 14 Sep 2006
I arrived with 3 other Association for Progressive Communications Africa Women project (AAW) delegates on Monday morning to attend the Highway Africa conference in a raining Grahamstown, South Africa. In today’s Open Source publication, the headline “Be assertive to have a gender sensitive HA!” made me shake my head. Last year, women protested the lack of women speakers – this was obviously not “assertive” enough for the conference orgnisers. The statement implies that the reason for the non-appearance of women on the agenda is, well, our fault. It’s because we are too demure and coy. If the conference had only 11 black speakers among fifty, would Chris Kabwato be asking black journalists to be more assertive in asking for equal representation?

Let the people speak! Days of hope and optimism

on 14 Sep 2006
Tracey Naughton started off the session on community media at the Highway Africa conference with an old recording of the ANC’s radio station. As the speakers crackled with an Mkhonto we Sizwe song, delegates sat in silence. The session was a great summary of beginnings of the community radio sector in South Africa. Tracey Naughton and Lumka Mtimde mentioned that they are writing a book on the history of community radio – I'll be looking forward to it!

Some african women journalists still writing their stories with hand

Sylvie Nyombo on 14 Sep 2006
“If you want to connect to internet, you have to come earlier at the office, before the typists come and use the computers” says Bimbola Ayesola, a woman journalist working in Nigeria. This shows the sad reality of newsrooms in Africa. Women journalists still have a few access to ICTs. There have been ICTs workshops during the Highway conference to build African journalists skills. However, there is still a lot to do to ensure access and use of ICTs by women journalists in the continent.
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