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Ten facts about your computer: Health, hardware and the toll on women

Sonia Randhawa on 21 Feb 2017
This article takes a look at where our hardware comes from, the electronics factories situated in primarily Asian countries, and the challenges facing the people, primarily women, who work there, and the issues that impact upon women workers in the electronics industry. Ten facts about your computer that illuminate the gendered nature of the labour that is embedded in our hardware.

Flash Mob Korean Style

Sonia Randhawa on 28 Jun 2012
In Seoul for the Asia Europe Foundation's Informal Meeting on Human Rights, looking at human rights and ICTs, I made a few extra-curricular stops - it was hard not to, when just outside our hotel is an ongoing protest about labour rights. The protest site has obviously been occupied for some time - they are even growing tomato plants - and is just outside a major tourist attraction. The protest involves workers who were laid off from three major corporations, all still profitable. One of the companies, Ssang-Yong, over 2,600 people were fired, and because of their economic desperation 22 took the drastic step of committing suicide.

East Asian NGO Report on Beijing + 5 Review

Jac sm Kee on 2 Jun 2010
East Asian Sub-Regional Report on the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action was prepared by four countries in East Asia, i.e., China, Japan, Mongolia and the Republic of Korea.
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