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Pakistan: Count me IN!! Something I can’t unthink now...

Nighat Dad on 21 Jun 2011
Nighat Dad shares her experience from the Count me IN! Conference organized by CREA, an international, feminist, human rights organisation, in April 2011, in Kathmandu. The Conference brings annually together women who have not been counted in - sex workers, disabled, single, young, lesbian and HIV-positive women, and trans people from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, to discuss violence against women and strategies of resistance. "I was bit amazed at the title of the conference, <a href="">“Count me IN!”</a> but when I looked into the agenda in detail I noticed that the conference had a very particular focus on the overlooked segments of society which we tend to ignore in our activism and feminist movements," introduces Nighat her post-conference reflection.

Pakistan: Violence against Women and ICT

Kateřina Fialová on 29 Mar 2011
Access to mobile technology is increasing rapidly in Pakistan, and women are also gaining access, albeit at a slower rate than men. Kyla Pasha examines how mobile technology is ripe for use in strategies of empowerment, as long as access to technology is accompanied by training and orientation.

Cambodia, Malaysia, Pakistan and the Philippines: Cross-country Study on Violence against Women and Information Communication Technologies

Sonia Randhawa on 2 Jun 2010
Sonia Randhawa, writer and editor, compares the findings of four national reports from Cambodia, Malaysia, Pakistan and the Philippines undertaken by the APC WNSP as part of the project “Strengthening women’s strategic use of ICTs to combat violence against women and girls”.

Effects of Education and ICT Use on Gender Relations in Bhutan

Jac sm Kee on 2 Jun 2010
This article examines the relationships that exist between gendered access to education and the ways in which mobile phones, fixed phones, and the Internet are perceived and used in a rural and an urban Bhutanese community. The findings, organized by levels of literacy, reveal similar patterns in ICT perceptions and use across the two communities.

Search history: Examining pornography on the internet

Namita on 2 Jun 2010
Namita Malhotra examines in this paper, the discourse of pornography in relation to the internet in India. She interrogates the Indian women's movements negotiation with issues around sexuality and censorship, as well as the various legislative, cultural, and ethical debates that intersect around this issue in recent years.

Gender in the information Society: Emerging issues

Jac sm Kee on 2 Jun 2010
This publication is a collection of 13 papers developed for a pre-World Summit on the Information Society seminar, produced by UNDP-APDIP in partnership with UNIFEM and IT for Change. It showcases perspectives that critique the engagement with new technologies in various development sectors such as the governance, media and work.

Video Films: Women & ICT Projects in India

Jac sm Kee on 2 Jun 2010
This page links to two documentary films on women and ICT that were produced in the framework of UNESCO’s pilot project 'Putting ICT in the Hands of the Poor', that are now available online. They examine the information needs of poverty stricken communities in South Asia, with a special focus on gender issues.

Cyberstalking Laws on 2 Jun 2010
The page consists of links to current and pending cyberstalking-related United States federal and state laws, as well as those states that do not have laws yet and related laws from other countries.
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