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Hija Kamran is a communications-for-development specialist, and a human rights activist from Pakistan. Hija has been advocating for safe and fair access to technology in Pakistan and abroad since the past few years, and has led the Index on Censorship Award winning campaign on Pakistan's cybercrimes bill in 2016 along with various campaigns on women's rights in online spaces - most notably the communication campaigns for country's first cyber harassment helpline. She has been actively challenging the privacy policies of corporations through her research and writings, and conducts trainings on digital security and advocacy for digital rights. She also helps not-for-profit organisations in planning and executing compelling social change campaigns in Pakistan.

Feminist talk

Online Dating in Pakistan

Posted Tue 2 Oct 2018 - 10:55 | 28,070 views

The rise of dating apps allows women to take control of their social life and their choices. In this article Hija Kamran speaks to many women in Pakistan about their experience of online dating, both good and bad, whether it allows for challenging of conservative social norms or it leaves women vulnerable to abuse and other risks.

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