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Ledys Sanjuan Mejia

Ledys Sanjuan Mejia is a colombian ecofeminist activist with more than 6 years experience in digital activism, comms and technology for social change. She is currently Comms, Advocacy and Tech manager at FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund where she has focused on developing an organizational feminist approach to the technology social movement funders use and how to support social movements in their activism through safe and secure technology. Ledys has a degree in international relations from the University of Edinburgh and a master's on International Critical Theory from the University of Exeter and has an extensive social movement organizing background from labour rights, feminism to working in Palestine and now in the streets of her hometown Bogotá, Colombia.

Feminist talk

Feminists are building their own technology to organise but where are funders?

Posted Thu 12 Nov 2020 - 11:49 | 7,357 views

Feminist activists have played an important role in raising issues around freedom of expression and especially in the internet rights community; also in pointing out how internet rights of those marginalised on account of gender, sexuality, gender expression are even more precarious. But where is the funding for feminist work on technology and infrastructure?

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