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Mythri Prasad-Aleyamma

The author is an associate fellow at Institute for Human Development,
Delhi. Her interests revolve around migration and urban transformation
in contemporary India. Her doctoral work traces the different types of
recruitment of migrant and local labour in Kerala that reflect
political contests and settlements between trade unions, corporate
construction companies and recruitment agencies. She has recently
started working on surveillance practices and technologies of

Feminist talk

Resisting Aadhaar, Resisting Islamophobia: A critical look at debates and litigation around Aadhaar

Posted Wed 19 Jul 2017 - 09:25 | 4,073 views
As the Supreme Court of India determines the contours of the right to privacy and who in Indian territory has it, Mythri Prasad-Aleyamma critiques many of the assumptions around the opposition to Aadhar. This critique is grounded in the differences of how surveillance and privacy are known and experienced by those who are vulnerable for varied reasons, but especially those who are migrants or...