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Richa Kaul Padte

Richa Kaul Padte is a writer, researcher and bass-music lover. She writes at richakaulpadte.com and tweets @hirishitalkies

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Wearing a digital condom: Staying safe online

Posted Thu 21 Mar 2013 - 13:13 | 8,407 views
Do you know how to use your web browser in a secure manner? What is the benefit of adding that "s" after http? Are you aware of the security features on the email you use? What sensitive data do you keep about you or your community, and what would people have access to if your computer, laptop or mobile phone was stolen? This article provides a list of resources and solutions to help you and your...

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Security risks online: How much information do you give away?

Posted Tue 19 Mar 2013 - 12:23 | 5,678 views
Imagine the life of an Indian gender or sexuality rights activist. What work do they do? Who do they interact with? What threats do they face? Here are some snapshots (created by participants).

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Mechanics and governance of the internet

Posted Mon 18 Mar 2013 - 15:06 | 5,170 views
The internet is an important part of many of our daily lives, work and activism - but how many of us actually understand what it is? Beyond mechanics, questions around who governs the internet are key to contextualising the struggle for rights - including sexuality rights - online.

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EROTICS India: Women, sexuality and the internet

Posted Fri 15 Mar 2013 - 00:00 | 8,331 views
Within the arena of ‘women, sexuality and the internet’, the usual suspects of pornography, indecency, and non-consensual videography are often the first topics that come to mind. But women aren’t just subjects on the internet – they are users, too. A presentation at the EROTICS India workshop overturned some common assumptions by highlighting experiences of women online.

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Five principles for a feminist approach to technology

Posted Thu 14 Mar 2013 - 13:35 | 7,212 views
This blog post is second in a series of ten blog posts to report on the EROTICS India workshop, recently concluded in Delhi. All the blog posts in this series are written by Richa Kaul Padte, the official rapporteur at the meeting.

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EROTICS India: meet the participants

Posted Tue 12 Mar 2013 - 14:52 | 7,232 views
Bringing together sexual rights activists, women’s groups and internet activists, the first EROTICS India workshop – organised by Point of View, APC (Association for Progressive Communications) and the Internet Democracy Project - explored the relationship between sexual rights activism, sexuality, and the Internet. Focusing on issues ranging from rights to security to advocacy, the workshop...