Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF, India)

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), a Delhi based not-for-profit organization initiated its activities between 2002 and 2003 to find solutions to bridge the digital divide. DEF´s mission is to inspire individuals and communities to use technology for their upliftment and empowerment. The foundation seeks to fill in the gaps of digital divide in this country in terms of content gap, information and awareness gap, technology gap, in various intervention modes. One of its focus areas of intervention had been development, promotion, spread and usage of content for grassroots use and consumption.

The objectives of the work of The Digital Empowerment Foundation are:

  • To offer and facilitate seamless ICT and digital solutions linkages to the needs and demands from the diverse groups of rural areas.
  • To sensitize and provide knowledge inroads to government and corporate to offer inclusive ICT solutions for the masses.
  • To create Digital Media Platforms for masses

DEF is the APC member since 2009.

In order to address internet-related human rights issues in India, Digital Empowerment Foundation and the Association for Progressive Communications jointly submitted the Universal Periodic Review Report on 2012. This report has a specific mention to women´s rights and recommends to Indian government to adopt a rights based approach to a review of the Information Technology Act: “Women’s use of the internet shows that internet content is regulated by four factors: access and infrastructure, law and policy, markets and economic forces and culture and social norms. Research on female use of the internet in India reveals that these four factors also affect women’s access to and use of the internet and that the internet has significant implications for women’s communication rights and sexuality rights”.

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