Open Institute Cambodia

The Open Institute is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that works toward widespread access to high quality education, information, communication, and technology, in the belief that this will lead to a more developed and just society.
The mission of the organization is to ensure that the benefits of technology for social and economic advance are available to in Cambodian society. The Open Institute is a member of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC) since 2008.

At present, the Open Institute implements six main program activities are: Women Empowerment for Social Change:, Open Schools:, Khmer Software Initiative:, Mirror Publication: , Lexicography and River of Knowledge.

The Women’s Empowerment program aims at improving social and gender equality through advocacy and the promotion of information sharing and communication, the Women's Web Portal. It was created in 2007 with the general objective of promoting gender equality in Cambodia in order to enable women to make full use of their rights, while increasing their independence and their participation in social and political life. Specific objective of the program is also creating communication channels for collaboration and creation of synergies between NGOs.

In 2011, the Women Program is implementing "Gender Observatory" a joint project with the Ministry of Women's Affairs of Cambodia. The Observatory is a central place that assist the Ministry to be able to monitor the implementation of gender policies have been adopted, analyse their impact and suggest improvements if appropriate. 

Currently, the Open Institute also acts as one of the twelve country partners of the APC's MDG3: Take Back the Tech! to end violence against women project.

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