Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)

Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) is a non-governmental organization that aims to develop the use of information and communication technologies among women as tools to share information and address issues collectively. Initiated in May 2000 in Uganda by several women's organizations, WOUGNET's mission is to promote and support the use of ICT by women and women organizations in Uganda, so that they can take advantage of the opportunities presented by ICT in order to effectively address national and local problems of sustainable development. WOUGNET activities are carried out under three major program areas: Information Sharing and Networking, Technical Support and Gender and ICT Policy Advocacy. To learn more about their ICT policy advocacy work, enter here: www.wougnet.org/cms/content/blogsection/13/39/

WOUGNET is a national country partner in the “MDG3: Take Back The Tech!i to end violence against women” project. This is being implemented by the Association for Progressive Communicationsi Women’s Networkingi Support Programme and it's partners in 12 countries from África, Latin América and Asia, supported by the MDG3i Fund. In the context of this project, thee partners have worked on national ICT policy and advocacy, conducted national strategy meetings, localized the Take Back the Tech! campaign, organized training events called Feminist Tech Exchanges, developed issue papers on violence against women and ICTs, and distributed small grants for projects that use ICT to address or prevent violence against women.

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