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Jan Moolman

Jan Moolman is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and works for the APC's Women's Rights Programme as a senior project coordinator.

Feminist talk

Video: Who’s In? Who’s Out? Women's Rights at the 2009 IGF

Posted Mié 18 Nov 2009 - 08:39 | 4,893 views
Video interview: Jan speaks with Margarita Salas from Sula Batsu cooperative, Costa Rica, and gets her perspective on where women's rights feature at the fourth Internet Governance Forum.

Feminist talk

Swimming in my crocs: IGF Day 1

Posted Dom 15 Nov 2009 - 21:25 | 4,113 views
Trying to find the room where the ITU child protection open forum took place this morning on the first day of the IGF, I was struck by how many people knew each other. Everywhere I turned I saw people greeting each other like long lost friends. “Was Hyderabad the last time I saw you?” “Tunis feels like a lifetime ago doesn’t it?” – snippets of conversation accompanied handshakes and the...