The submission to the UPR process elaborated by the Women´s Legal and Human Rights Bureau, Inc from the Philippines addresses the issue of women’s access to justice in the country, which highlights technology-related violence against women (VAW) as an emerging form of VAW. The submission also looks at the gaps and challenges in available domestic remedies to survivors of violence and abuse against women online, criticizing that existing laws on VAW do not guarantee the prosecution of technology-related VAW. It further highlights the importance of women’s access to the internet and their representation in policy processes as integral to their right to access to justice.
As the report states: "Women’s rights in relation to ICT should be both and promoted, cognizant of women’s empowerment and exercise of agency. With women’s lack of access to ICT, the state’s existing human rights obligations should extend to taking steps to ensure women’s access to the internet (including national plans of action) and limitations or restrictions on freedom of expression comply with agreed international standards. The UPR process must include internet related human rights issues, particularly relating to freedom of expression, the right to information, and access to information."

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