In the second and last part of this in-depth article, the author unpacks the persistence of rape myths in judicial reasoning, even veiled under the promises of neutrality and accuracy of digital evidence.

In depth

This insightful piece highlights how digital evidence is overwhelming the legal and judicial imagination by looking specifically at cases of rape trials in India.

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Ratna Appnender

Ratna Appnender is a lawyer based in Delhi. She works on policy and litigation around issues of...

Feminist talk

We welcome the commitments made by Facebook, Google, TikTok and Twitter to tackle online abuse on their platforms. However, without ensuring that the systems they create do not reproduce and amplify existing inequalities, built-in safety tools will only mitigate harms on the surface.

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Marwa Azelmat

Marwa is the Women's rights policy advocacy coordinator at APC. She has extensive experience in...

In depth

How does porn take shape based on the audience's perspective and the practice of sharing and commenting on available online content? This article, based on a digital ethnographic analysis of a Reddit community, explores what feminist porn means on the internet.

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Bilingual Spanish-English editor and content production coordinator for GenderIT.org. Part of...

Feminist talk

In India, the digitisation drive of services interlinked with offline violence, marginalisation and stigma make it almost impossible for transgender persons to be considered as people who deserve equal rights. Through the provisions mentioned in the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2019, this article gives...

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Brindaalakshmi. K

Brindaalakshmi. K is a queer-feminist researcher, writer, advocacy and training professional....

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The system of integrated biometric database in Kenya, Huduma Namba, exposes multilayered challenges of statelessness, loss of basic human rights and availing government services. Through conversations with Mariam, a Nubian woman, we learn about the tedious and extremely long waiting period to obtain an ID card, without...

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Cecilia Maundu

Cecilia Mwende Maundu is broadcast journalist based in Nairobi Kenya. She is also a specialist...

In depth

In this paper, researcher Nayantara Ranganathan analyses tweets with the hashtag #metooindia, and examines the possibilities, limits and contradictions of studying a movement through a dataset of tweets centred around a phrase.

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Nayantara Ranganathan

Nayantara is a researcher and lawyer working on the politics and culture of technologies.