3 May: World Press Freedom Day | Declare your right to communicate

On 3 May join Communication Is Your Right! and the GenderIT.org's sister project Take Back the Tech! for a global action day to defend our right to freely access, use, engage and share information and opinions and become our own media through information and communication technologies (ICT).

Women’s voices, representation in media spaces and opportunity to make a living creating media is continually marginalised. Women and girls are facing particular barriers to using ICT for communication. This ranges from disparity in access to technology and decision-making positions, to technology-related violence against women such as harassment, online monitoring and identity theft that create a hostile and violent online environment for women and girls.

Please encourage your networks, family and friends to take part in the action items for this year's World Press Freedom Day on May 3rd.

(The featured articles and resources have been selected from the GenderIT.org Archive.)

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Women, Gender & Media

When I was a trainer at a media and gender workshop in 2002, the only male participant there confessed, “Our organisation is not prioritising gender actually. We are more concerned about other issues – issues which are political”. This statement reveals much about the stand that most media institutions take on gender.
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Women and Philippine Media: At the Fringes of Freedom

Where are women located in the struggle for freedoms to express, create and disseminate information through ICTs as media? Censorship comes in multiple forms in the Philippines. The country has one of the highest counts of media practitioners who are killed in the course of their work in the region. Yet, it retains a conflicting standing as one of the open media landscape in South East Asia. Whichever the reality, gendered expectations and roles seem to play out in this field, from ‘old’ tech, to the new. As the Church, the President, democratic and economic mechanisms struggle for authority through control of what can or cannot be said in various media, female sexuality becomes a site for contestation and (re)appropriation.
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Freedoms of Expression & Information

World Press Freedom Day was celebrated on 3rd of May. As new digital communications technologies enable new opportunities for the creation, expression and dissemination of news and perspectives, these spaces are not invincible from the policing of State and other equally impactful, but often submerged, socio-political norms. GenderIT.org explores the gender dimension of freedoms of the freedoms of expression and information.