EROTICS: Sex, rights, and the net - part 2

9 August 2011

After 3 years of interrogation into the politics of sexuality and the internet, the EROTICS research is out! This second part of the edition 'EroTICs: Sex, rights, and the net' publish the full research findings that delve into the complexities of policy and legislative trends on internet content regulation, map key actors and processes, and document how sexuality figures as a central theme in this debate. The reports also showcase the value of the internet in the exercise of rights by people of diverse sexualities.

Read introduction to this edition by Mabel Bianco, the president and founder of the Foundation for Study and Research on Women in Argentina.

Get intimate with the EROTICS research findings through a series of posts by the GenderIT bloggers. They provide a window into the rich and complex universe of the 3-year EROTICS project.

Find out more about the EROTICS research and its impacts via interviews with the EroTICs researchers and the experts involved within the fields of the internet governance, sexuality and women's rights.

Flashback with and check out the articles and blogs on key milestones in the EROTICS story.

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