Fortitude and change in AWID Forum 2016

5 October 2016

In this special edition of we share the experiences and reflections on the recent AWID Forum, in which a large group of women from APC Women’s Rights Programme and our partners from different countries and regions, participated enthusiastically. With the participation of 1,700 people from 140 countries, this year’s AWID Forum showed that the feminist movement keeps growing stronger worldwide, and is committed to a politics of diversity and inclusion. We definitely do not and cannot lead single-issue lives.

Listed below are links to short and informative reads about AWID Forum 2016. Happy reading!

[EDITORIAL] Fortitude and transformative energy in the AWID Forum: experiences from 2002 to 2016
Dafne Sabanes Plou
A new AWID International Forum has taken on the challenge to continue strengthening the feminist movement with the energy that comes from thousands of women from around the world coming together; willing to work towards eradicating discrimination and gender violence.

An open letter of thanks to AWID
Helen Nyinakiiza
A letter of thanks from a first timer. The Association for Women in Development has been in existence for 30 years, and has regularly been holding conferences and meetings. In the recent AWID forum 2016, women from very diverse contexts came together, to radically re-imagine and co-create feminist futures.

The backbone of our thirsty complicities: from internet hiccups to collective synapsis at AWID 2016
At AWID Forum 2016, the FIX hub team comprising of Luchadoras, APC-WRP, Radio Concha and others got together to put up an autonomous internet network. Here are the learnings from that experience, that are global in scale and terrifying in their implication for our ubiquitous use of technology.

What can be the feminist politics of freedom of speech? Or how not to have a binary debate on online violence
The discourse on technology related violence against women is often pulled into a binary debate vis-a-vis freedom of expression. But what if we could imagine and articulate a feminist politics of free speech..

Public. Autonomous. Anonymous. Group. Sexting. Oh yeah!
Loreto Bravo and Erika Smith
“Welcome to the Feminist Internet eXchange Hub! Make sure you come back tonight for some group sexting – public, autonomous, anonymous, group sexting!” we called to women as they stumbled in to explore our feminist internet exchange space at AWID Feminist Futures Forum, 2016.

Tools for movement builders: ICT toolkit and We Rise – Just Associates
Central to the toolkit is how to develop a feminist communication strategy whilst making safe and sustainable choices amongst the array of available ICT tools.

We can’t do it alone: Connections at AWID 2016
AWID was a massive burst of energy and radical politics. Here we explore the sessions at AWID held by Dalit women, Romani women, Rojava/Kobane women, and others.

Mapping the feminist internet: the Whose Knowledge? campaign at the AWID Forum Anasuya Sengupta and Siko Bouterse
The project Whose Knowledge? is a radical re-imagining and reconstruction of the internet, so that the internet can truly be from and for us all.

Coming Back to Tech
What happens ‘the day after’ an attack of online violence? What happens after the more urgent crisis phase(s) of a campaign of harassment passes?

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