The video recording of excellent panel on freedom of expression and the internet organized by the APC in cooperation with the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs at the Human Rights Council’s 17th session in Geneva on 3 June, is now available online Let's keep dialog going about women's freedom of expression and association and how to give women's and sexual rights meaning in the internet context.

Some great comments and questions have been raised by remote participants on twitter:

@jhybe: Need to be wary of mobilisation of anxieties around "dangers" and harm in dealing with harmful content/practices. Go to root of the problem --> often discrimination

@jhybe: Inclusive, in-depth research guided by HR principles and lived realities should guide responses to defining and responding to harmful content

@chatgarcia:Where does liability lie in relation to internet related violence such as cyberstalking, online harassment etc?

@maya:How do you ensure Freedom of Expression for invisble minorities like LGBT communties in repressive regimes?

@henrik: Can there be a right to remain anonymus on the internet?

@melissaditmore: Can filtering of sexual content as a freedom of expression problem be approached in the same way blasphemy of religion? I am particularly interested in sexual content and not allowing the use of 'cultural values' including religion to restrict access to important resources.

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