Are you at the 12th AWID forum? Come and join us for hands-on sessions on Security and Privacy. Tactical Tech Collective and Front Line Defenders will be running these very important sessions in partnership with APC. The sessions will be *fantastic*!

Security and Privacy Clinics

Venue: Kasimpasa 5 Breakout Room next to the Feminist ICT Hub

Day 4- 22 April

10:00 – 11:00: Safer Social Networking

Social networks have found a place in advocacy today, as rights advocates increasingly and effectively use them in their campaigns. Concerns relating to privacy and security are on the rise for these tools and networks.

This session will help you will determine whether the benefits outweigh the short and long term security implications of using social networks, and what steps you can take in making your use more effective and less risky.

12:00 – 13:00 Safer internet browsing

Your browser is your window to the wild world of internet. This is where most your online adventures happens, be it checking emails, posting updates to social networking sites, searching, and a variety of other activities. Most services even encourage you to store private information such as work files.

Your action and your information deserve your care and attention, especially if you are working on sensitive issues. Come to this session and make your browsing life a safe, effective one.

15:00 – 16:00 Safer Mobiles & Email use

Safer Mobiles

Mobile phones are not just personal gadgets anymore. A growing number of rights and advocacy groups are using mobile phone technology in new and creative ways: for disaster alerts, health services, election monitoring, and more.

These devices are increasingly powerful, yet vulnerable to privacy and security risks. Whether you use these devices for personal use or for work, voice chats or serious data collection, you are well advised to come to this session to find out more about truths and myths of the mobile world.

Safer Email

Postcards are not so private, but emails can be. Since email remains a prominent communication medium on the Internet,

widely used for work and personal affairs, you should understand its security (or lack thereof) of our information as it travels through the internet.

Learn if your emails are as exposed as postcards on the internet, and how to keep the unwanted prying eyes away from your communications.

There are people at the Feminist ICT Hub who are keen to help people on an individual level with their online security needs. There are also people roving with badges that say "Online Safety - Speak to me" who are happy to talk about online safety issues.

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