The Africa Women’s Regional Shadow Report on Beijing +15 provides a summarized analysis of progress, gaps and challenges identified in implementing the BPfA particularly in the West, Eastern and Southern sub-regions, with emphasis on the period since the last review in 2004 (Beijing +10). It also maps out the progress, gaps and challenges under each of the critical areas of concern, providing country-specific examples and some of the significant contributions that have been made by women’s civil society organizations in Africa. For example, the report argues ,that the ICTs have changed the traditional modes of communication and the old concept of gate keeping of information by a few. Finally, the report gives actionable recommendations to African governments in order to accelerate the implementation of the BPfA over the next 5 years and translate the many commitments to the women of Africa into concrete actions.
The Report was published by an Africa NGO Task Force on Beijing +15. The Taskforce on Beijing +15 was set up to spearhead the process of mobilizing women in Africa to organize and prepare for participation in the regional processes leading up to the 54th CSW session on Beijing +15 Review in 2010 in New York.

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