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The Gendered Challenges of E-Governance in Kenya

Posted Tue 18 Jul 2023 - 23:13 | 458 views

E-governance models are leaving women and gender minorities behind in Kenya, despite the increasing focus of the Kenyan government to digitise delivery of government services. Due to this, there remains a challenge of who gets to access these services through technology. Cecilia Maundu explores ways to bridge these gaps.

Feminist talk

How Meghan Markle Speaking Xhosa Helps Promote Africans’ Digital Agency

Posted Thu 6 Jul 2023 - 05:17 | 127 views

A Feminist Conversation on Cybersecurity

Posted Mon 26 Jun 2023 - 03:30 | 617 views

This edition focuses on the human dimension of cybersecurity. To do this, the editors asked themselves how cybersecurity policies developed from the centres of political, economic and epistemological power affect those at the margins; and how they can think about cybersecurity from a feminist perspective. The editors set out to find specific and contextualised examples of how cybersecurity…

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Feminist talk

Gender, diversity and inclusion in open source communities

Posted Thu 29 Apr 2021 - 13:55 | 7,319 views

The code, although open, is not neutral with respect to who contributes and for what. What happens to our contributions when we reveal our gender or sexuality? How can a project in which a significant portion of the work is invisible and not counted really be “free” and open source?

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Making a Feminist Internet: Access and inclusion in feminist movements

Posted Sat 14 Mar 2020 - 15:16 | 5,762 views

It is fundamental to ensure that when organising, we do not overlook women who do not have “feminist” on their bios but are resisting and defying in their homes, schools and workplaces. When we represent, we need to make sure that we do not forget the women who don’t have access to the same spaces.