The bulk of women's employment in computer-related occupations in both developed and developing countries is concentrated within the entry and manipulation of data via computer keyboards. The discussion of the diffusion of women in ICT industry almost totally ignore the health and safety issues. This study looks at the specific health hazards which have been attributed to work with computers, and more specifically to the work situation of inputting or manipulating text or data. In particular, it examines RSI-repetitive strain injuries, which can lead to a total inability to carry out many tasks.
The study is a part of the book entitled "Women encounter technology: Changing Patterns of Employment in the Third World" and edited by Swasti Mitter and Sheila Rowbotham.
*International trends in information processing employment
*Reconstructing women as 'cheap' labour: New technology employment or the same old story?
*Health hazards of work with computers and keyboards: The experience from Australia and Europe
*The relationship between RSI and technology in the workplace
*LDC experience
*Learning from international experience

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