The Handbook was designed for two purposes: (1) it aims to help government and NGO officials to plan, initiate, evaluate and improve ICT-based enterprise projects for women; and (2) it is intended for facilitated use by groups of poor women themselves who want to start up, manage and improve ICT-based enterprises.
The Handbook is organised into the following sections:
1. Introduction: Audience, Purpose, Content
2. What are women's ICT-based enterprises? Overview, Case sketches, Individual women's stories
3.Why support women's ICT-based enterprises? Benefits to women, Agency benefits, Risks
4. Planning and managing ICT-based enterprises for women: the enterprise perspective - How to analyse, What to analyse, Business good practice advice sheets, Gender good practice advice sheets
5. Supporting and evaluating ICT-based enterprises for women: the agency perspective - Why? Whom? What? How? How well? Agency good practice advice sheets
6. Sources of further information

The Handbook is available in Word format with photographs, Word formant without photographs and RTF version without photographs. It is currently in English but is being translated into a number of other
Available for download in Spanish

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