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EROTICS Regional Survey learnings (1): reflections on feminist internet research design

Posted Tue 5 Oct 2021 - 15:32 | 1,664 views

Srinidhi Raghavan, coordinator of the EROTICS Regional Survey 2020, shares her learnings from cross-country feminist research on internet and sexuality in South Asia. In this first part, the researcher reflects around identity, community agency and language.

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r/chickflixxx: feminist (de)construction of online porn

Posted Fri 6 Aug 2021 - 16:03 | 5,102 views

How does porn take shape based on the audience's perspective and the practice of sharing and commenting on available online content? This article, based on a digital ethnographic analysis of a Reddit community, explores what feminist porn means on the internet.

Illustration: activists raised together, machine showing data, texts and hashtag around

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#MeToo India: The limits of analysis

Posted Tue 6 Jul 2021 - 16:17 | 3,631 views

In this paper, researcher Nayantara Ranganathan analyses tweets with the hashtag #metooindia, and examines the possibilities, limits and contradictions of studying a movement through a dataset of tweets centred around a phrase.


Platforms, Power, and Politics: Perspectives from Domestic and Care Work in India

Posted Thu 1 Jul 2021 - 22:53 | 1,712 views
In this final report, CIS India shares the findings and recommendations of a 2-year research project studying the entry of digital platforms in the domestic and care work in India, as part of the Feminist Internet Research Network.


Feminist Internet Research Network (FIRN) - Second convening report (summary)

Posted Tue 16 Feb 2021 - 17:19 | 1,356 views
Illustration: african woman with a ceel phone in her nads


Alternate realities, alternate internets: African feminist research for a feminist internet

Posted Wed 19 Aug 2020 - 17:21 | 2,511 views
Discriminatory gendered practices in the physical world are similarly reproduced online across digital platforms. This report by Pollicy.org presents research into the online lived experiences of women in five countries across Africa.
Policy changes because movements happen. Our voices and our activism matter.

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Policy reform: Working towards feminist transformation and change

Posted Tue 21 Jul 2020 - 16:06 | 3,333 views

The Feminist Internet Research Network intentionally seeks to go beyond research to impact on policy and advocacy. But what should be a feminist approach to policy shifts, specifically coming from the global South?

Meeting of domestic workers unionists in Indica.

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Domestic work in the platform economy: reflections on research and social work

Posted Wed 8 Apr 2020 - 19:50 | 6,942 views

As part of the Feminist Internet Research Network, we are including a series of short pieces on reflections by researchers on the ground, and in this piece, the writer explores how it is possible but also difficult for her to do social work and awareness building, and shift to doing research.