@ Tunis: Gender Peripheries of WSIS Summit

18 November 2005: Day 6, Overview of Gender-related Language in WSIS Documents

Jac sm Kee on 18 Nov 2005
The WSIS process is almost over, and I am wondering about what we have achieved in terms of integrating gender as a relevant dimension into the building of an ‘information society’ after 7 years. What do we have?

18 November 2005: Day 6, Cost of Accessing WSIS II

Jac sm Kee on 18 Nov 2005
Had some conversations yesterday, and I thought I would share what I have found out in terms of some cost of participating in this event...

17 November 2005: Day 5, the Same Old Strangers

Dafne Sabanes Plou on 18 Nov 2005
Why is that the police who want to look like an average citizen look alike all around the world? Why do they cut their hair and comb it the same way? Why do they use the same black glasses and same gold chains? Why do they like those tropical shirts that in the long run become a uniform? In Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Tegucigalpa or Tunisia, they are instantly identifiable.

17 November 2005: Day 5, Where are Tunisian Women and Children?

Brenda Zulu on 17 Nov 2005
Travelling around Tunis in taxies and buses, I see no women and children. Wondering around the market, I see no women and children. People went out to see the night life of Tunisia, but there are no women in cafes and stores. There are more men than women on the streets of Tunisia. Are women on holiday? Is it a sign of patriarchal society?

17 November 2005: Day 5, Missing Gender Words

Brenda Zulu on 17 Nov 2005
The gender caucus has observed with disappointment that the only gender word in WSIS documents is “gender disaggregated data”.

16 November 2005, Day 4: Opening of WSIS II – An Audible Victory for Human Rights

Jac sm Kee on 17 Nov 2005
It has been a crazy tiring, hectic and running-around day, so I am hoping to give a small glimpse at least before I pass out into oblivion. So, after working on this process for close to 7 years, we are finally tying up the ribbons and signing on the dotted line with icing. Yes, it is WSIS II opening!

15 November: Day 3, Women in Pink at WSIS II

Jac sm Kee on 16 Nov 2005
On the first day, I was so desperate to see women at this space because of the overbearing presence of men, especially those in uniformed and are armed. When I scanned around, I saw mainly (apart from the participants) women in pink who were cleaners and usually hauled big bags of rubbish with them...

15 November 2005: Day 3, Strikes and Counter Strikes in Human Rights

Jac sm Kee on 16 Nov 2005
Today was a day of cancellation. The GEM (Gender Evaluation Methodology) Book launch was scheduled to happen at 2:00pm, but in a demonstration of solidarity, APC decided to withdraw and cancel all of its side events scheduled for today...

14 November 2005: Day 2, Representations at a Glance

Jac sm Kee on 14 Nov 2005
At the end of the day, Maxigas and I decided to take a walk and survey the images of women, men, elderly people, young people and disabled people at the ICT 4 All Exhibition hall. Afterall, the claim is that ICT is for all right? So who is this ‘All’ we are talking about.

14 November 2005: Day 2, Obstacles to Access... and Whose Security?

Jac sm Kee on 14 Nov 2005
Took a cab to the Kram Palexbo, where the Summit and IT 4 All exhibition was happening[...] When we finally got to the site, we were stopped 5 times at security checks at every turn of the road and I had to flash my registration card and a big smile to calm the security that I was indeed, a legitimate subject to attend this conference, accredited (somehow) and all.

13 November 2005: Day 1, Groggy at Tunis

Jac sm Kee on 13 Nov 2005
The plane ride was as all plane rides become after awhile, uncomfortable and far too long. Once getting off, there were large posters everywhere advertising WSIS, especially about the IT 4 All exhibition, where the tagline – complete with pictures of multi-gendered and ‘raced’ children smiling at a computer screen – promises to forefront the human dimension of information communications technologies development. I think I snorted audibly...
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