7amleh is a non-profit organization aimed at enabling the Palestinian and Arab civil society to e

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[Statement] A Coalition of International Organizations Demands that Meta Refrain from Censoring Criticism Of Zionism on its Platforms

Posted Mon 12 Feb 2024 - 17:49 | 36 views

73 civil society organisations sign a letter to Zuckerberg calling out his company Meta's proposal to revise its hate speech policy to treat the term "Zionist" as a proxy for Jewish and/or Israeli, which will ultimately lead to severe restrictions on legitimate political speech and debate. This proposal comes at a time when Israel is committing a genocide in Palestine as the world watches.

Anmol Irfan

Anmol is a Muslim-Pakistani journalist and the Founder of 

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Pakistani Women’s Hopes of Breaking Silence and of Creating Discourse Online

Posted Mon 8 Jan 2024 - 02:43 | 100 views

Pakistani women have always struggled to navigate public spheres given the scrutiny and violence that they are subjected to. But they're now fighting back by taking their space in the online public spaces that enables them to access an audience on their own terms. Yet, it comes at a cost.


APC is both a network and an organisation.

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"This attack has brought all human rights frameworks into question.” Experts speak about genocide and the internet in Gaza

Posted Fri 5 Jan 2024 - 17:48 | 37 views

On 11 December 2023, 7amleh, SMEX and APC hosted a webinar to commemorate Human Rights Day and to shed light on the ongoing violations by Israel that are affecting civil society organisations, the internet and communications infrastructure in Gaza and internet spaces in general. 


Hija Kamran (she/her) is the GenderIT Editor and content coordinator for APC's Women's Rights Pro

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2023 Rewind: Challenges Fueled Resilience – Is Change On The Horizon?

Posted Thu 14 Dec 2023 - 18:03 | 68 views

Recap of the year 2023 at GenderIT.

Ermias Mulugeta

Ermias Mulugeta, an independent journalist and media trainer based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is

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Technology’s Sour Blessing: Technology Facilitated Gender Based Violence in Ethiopia

Posted Thu 7 Dec 2023 - 15:55 | 327 views

As Ethiopia starts to get internet connectivity on a faster pace owing to the entrance of foreign telecom companies in the country, the societal issues pertaining to gender based violence are increasingly translated into digital spaces as well. This article highlights three cases of women who went through various forms of technology-facilitated gender based violence.

Neema Iyer

Neema Iyer is an artist and a technologist.

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How will funders respond to AI-generated proposals?

Posted Thu 30 Nov 2023 - 12:21 | 120 views

With commercialising of AI, many writers and fundraisers are using it to draft grant proposals, efficiently or otherwise. But while it does reduce the time proposal writing takes, how will donors take it and what should their response be, given that the technology is here to stay?


Hija Kamran (she/her) is the GenderIT Editor and content coordinator for APC's Women's Rights Pro

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Whenever I Stand, I Stand With Palestine: Young Palestinians Are Risking Their Lives To Dismantle Israeli Propaganda

Posted Thu 23 Nov 2023 - 10:42 | 154 views

Israeli occupation forces are constantly targeting Palestinian journalists in attempts to stop them from reporting the on-ground realities of Gaza as the Israel indiscriminately attacks children and adults in the Strip. But some journalists are continuing to report, risking their own safety for their land and for a #FreePalestine


Hija Kamran (she/her) is the GenderIT Editor and content coordinator for APC's Women's Rights Pro

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Meta Is Silencing Genocide

Posted Tue 14 Nov 2023 - 07:31 | 395 views

Meta claims that it respects people's freedom of expression, but has historically been intentionally silencing Palestinian voices and those standing for Palestine. So how do we hold it accountable?

Fungai Machirori

Fungai Machirori is a feminist researcher and writer whose areas of interest include digital and

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Why do digital studies so often overlook digital cultures studies?

Posted Tue 7 Nov 2023 - 10:53 | 87 views

This article highlights the need for a balanced approach to understand the intricate social dynamics of the digital world. Fungai Machirori reflects on her podcast journey, emphasizing the value of exploring the social dimensions of digital interactions. The article encourages readers to embrace diverse knowledge systems and promote dialogue in this evolving space.

Sheena Magenya

Sheena Magenya is a feminist with twelve years of working experience in Namibia, South Africa and

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Our Voices Our Futures At The IGF2023 To Amplify Voices Of Structurally Silenced Communities In Public Policy Spaces

Posted Thu 2 Nov 2023 - 22:34 | 52 views

We gathered some of the reflections from the participation of OVOF country partners in this year’s IGF as relates to their work with the OVOF project in their respective countries.