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Catalina Alzate

Catalina is a researcher trained in design and development studies. Catalina’s practice is predominantly rooted at the intersection between social sciences (especially microeconomics) with participatory processes and technology de-construction at the community level. Her professional experience has been based in Colombia and India, where she has been involved in a variety of projects regarding technology design, microfinance, critical currencies, collective decision-making and cooperation. Catalina is interested in using creativity for research-action projects, promoting interdisciplinary approaches to the discussions around technology and society.

Feminist talk

Participation, creativity and design in research methodology around ICTs

Posted Fri 16 Feb 2018 - 10:45 | 4,996 views
In the field of research around gender and ICTs, there is particular attention required to the question of research methodology. How do women use ICTs, what do they need them for, what is the power dynamics around access and distribution? In this specific research project around potential use of ICTs, Catalina Alzate shows how participatory action research, design and creativity can be pulled...