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Cecilia Mwende Maundu

Cecilia Mwende Maundu is broadcast journalist based in Nairobi Kenya. She is also a specialist in gender digital security training with experience training women, journalists’ and human rights defenders. She is the current elected secretary general of the International Association of Women in Radio and television (IAWRT) Kenyan Chapter. Cecilia is on the quest to make sure that even the most vulnerable feel safe online. She is also a User experience expert (UX), and leads training on collecting feedback and evaluates how effective online security tools are. All this in creating a holistic approach to digital security.

Ms Maundu is a graduate of the University of Nairobi where she completed a Bachelor of Arts. She also has a Master of Arts in communication from the same university. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in communication Studies at Moi University in Kenya and her thesis is on “digital security in this era of data mining”.

Feminist talk

The identity predicament: a story about statelessness and the fight for denied rights

Posted Thu 15 Jul 2021 - 21:27 | 2,074 views

The system of integrated biometric database in Kenya, Huduma Namba, exposes multilayered challenges of statelessness, loss of basic human rights and availing government services. Through conversations with Mariam, a Nubian woman, we learn about the tedious and extremely long waiting period to obtain an ID card, without which people from ethnic minorities are not counted as citizens, and are...