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Divya Srinivasan

Divya Srinivasan is a human rights lawyer and activist from India, with a background in research, advocacy and international law. Her work focuses on gender, free speech and digital rights.

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Tiéndeme una trampa y acaba conmigo: Obligaciones legales de las apps de citas para combatir la violencia sexual

Posted Tue 8 Dec 2020 - 15:58 | 3,630 views

Cientos de personas experimentan acoso y abuso sexual en Tinder y otras aplicaciones de citas, que en gran medida ignoran a las/os supervivientes. ¿Cuál es la obligación legal y ética que tienen estas plataformas cuando son usadas por agresores sexuales para cazar mujeres y otras personas de grupos vulnerables?

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Set me up, knock me down: Legal Obligations of Dating Apps to address Sexual Violence

Posted Thu 3 Dec 2020 - 09:44 | 10,406 views

Recent reports reveal that hundreds of people experience sexual harassment and abuse on Tinder and damningly, that Tinder largely ignored survivors. What is the legal and ethical obligation that dating platforms have when their platform is repeatedly used by sexual assaulters to prey on women and others? 

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Advocating for better ICT laws at the Asia Pacific Internet Governance Forum

Posted Thu 8 Aug 2019 - 11:05 | 4,022 views

The Asia Pacific Internet Governance Forum just completed in July 2019 and it took place in Russia. There were very few sessions that dealt with either gender or human rights and none that addressed sexuality. At one session there were discussions on the ICT related-laws and particularly on the broad and unclear provisions that deal with online censorship.

Image description: Plenary session at Asia Pacific IGF 2019