Kiruba Munusamy

Kiruba Munusamy is an advocate practicing in the Supreme Court of India. She is a social, political and judicial activist striving for social justice by eliminating all forms of discriminations, oppressions and inequalities in the society.

She is working against various human rights violations in India that includes caste and gender based discriminations, caste based atrocities against Dalits, violence against women, discrimination in the academic spaces, death penalty, state repression and prohibition of the inhuman practice of manual scavenging.

Through her activism she works for the annihilation of caste and supports Dalit women empowerment, indigenous rights, LGBTQI rights, minorities, advancement of disadvantaged groups, and freedom of expression.

She has filed several public interest litigations before the Indian courts of law to bring judicial intervention in the issues of grave violation of human rights and to restore the fundamental rights of the public at large.

Apart from the legal framework, she organizes and conducts awareness campaigns, workshops to bring awareness and educate the downtrodden, sexual minorities (LGBTQI) and dalit women about their fundamental human rights and legal remedies on violation.

She utilizes the power of social media in the digital era and writes both in English and Tamil (her mother tongue) to create a universal awareness about the Indian human rights issues that most of the time involves physical violence, sexual violence and killings; to discuss and debate on the rights of women and minorities, freedom of expression, individual rights of opinion and choice, several other oppressions.