GenderIT.org writers are the engine and soul of the think tank – monitoring the latest trends in internet policy and culture, and deepening our feminist analysis and vision. Our writers are journalists, activists, lawyers, bloggers, and they also are illustrators, cartoonists, video-makers and filmmakers. Many come from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Arabic-speaking countries. Some have been with Genderit.org for a long time, and others have just joined.

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Kazanka Comfort

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Kazanka Comfort is the Director of Operations of Fantsuam Foundation. Her early education started in Zaria, where she also completed her first degree from Ahmadu Bello University in 1987. She later obtained a Diploma in Development Studies... Read more…
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Translocal feminist activist, storyteller passionate for #FeministInternet FLOSS opendata, privacy, the Commons, politics on internet & people.
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Christina Thomas Dhanaraj

2 posts
Christina Thomas Dhanaraj is a Christian Dalit woman from Chennai/Bangalore, India. She is a volunteer consultant for women and minority-led initiatives focusing on social justice, self-determination, and collaborative models of... Read more…
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Gisela Pérez de Acha

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Gisela Pérez de Acha es abogada y activista, especialista en derecho de internet, libertad de expresión y género.


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El Servicio de Noticias de la Mujer de Latinoamérica y el Caribe (SEMlac) es una asociación civil, cuya sede regional se encuentra en México, D.F., integrada por una red de 28 periodistas de América Latina y el Caribe, México y Cuba, que... Read more…
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Samukelisiwe Mabaso

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Samukelisiwe describes herself as an unapologetic (South) African feminist. She recently submitted her master’s dissertation in media studies at the University of Cape Town. Her dissertation provides an analysis of Take Back The Tech!’s... Read more…
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Catalina Alzate

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Catalina is a researcher trained in design and development studies. Catalina’s practice is predominantly rooted at the intersection between social sciences (especially microeconomics) with participatory processes and technology de-... Read more…
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Dr. Becky Faith

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Dr. Becky Faith is a Research Fellow and Deputy Leader of the Digital and Technology cluster. Becky’s professional experience and research interests encompass mobile communication studies, human computer interaction and technology for... Read more…
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Gema Manzanares

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Gema Manzanares es comunicadora, (ciber)feminista, activista, fundadora de @EnRedadasNi y diseñadora nicaragüense.
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Juliana Vaz

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Juliana is a feminist Brazilian journalist with a keen interest for gender studies and it's intersection with digital civil rights. She works as a freelancer writer and advocates for equality representation of female athletes in sports.
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Shubha Kayastha

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Shubha Kayastha is a feminist and a sexual right advocate with an academic background on gender studies. Currently a freelance consultant, she works around the issue of sexual and reproductive health and sexuality within Nepal and in the... Read more…
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Kumud Rana

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Kumud Rana is a doctoral researcher at the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow and has a background in international development, and feminist and queer studies.
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Nadika is a non-binary person based in Chennai. She writes and edits for a living
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Njeri Gateru

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Njeri Gateru is a cofounder of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission in Kenya and heads the legal department and provides legal aid, litigation, documentation and advocacy services to persons violated on the basis of their... Read more…
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Jennifer Radloff

16 posts
Jennifer is a South African feminist and coordinates APC's work in supporting women human rights defenders use of ICTs securely through capacity building.
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Constanza Figueroa

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Constanza es una ilustradora y diseñadora chilena especializada en derechos humanos e internet. Explora la tecnologia en relación a conceptos de cultura, arte, humor y autonomía digital para defender espacios diversos seguros en internet... Read more…

Lulú Barrera

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Lulú V. Barrera es activista feminista en México y fundadora de Luchadoras (@luchadorastv), una colectiva mediactivista que combate los estereotipos de género y la violencia en los espacios digitales a través de la creación de contenidos... Read more…