World Press Freedom Day - Take Back the Tech! to defend your right to communicate

Women’s voices, representation in media spaces and opportunity to make a living creating media is continually marginalised. Women and girls are facing particular barriers to using ICT for communication. This ranges from disparity in access to technology and decision-making positions, to technology-related violence against women such as harassment, online monitoring and identity theft that create a hostile and violent online environment for women and girls. On May 3 join a global day of action to defend our right to share information and opinions freely online – and be our own media!

Please encourage your networks, family and friends to take part in the action items for this year's World Press Freedom Day on May 3rd.

Take action:

1) Join us on Twitter! Date: May 3rd

Use hashtags: #3may  #takebackthetech #commright

Join our conversation on Twitter on May 3 about the potential, risks and challenges we face exercising our right to communicate. We will also focus on women’s voices and experiences and how we can collectively work to make sure women’s right to communicate is respected.

2) Post your demands

  • Create a speech bubble using a piece of cardboard or paper. Write down your demands in terms of your right to communicate. For example: "Accessing info about sexual health is my right"; "Having private conversations is my right"; "Freedom from censorship is my right" etc.

  • Include our action hashtags in your speech bubble (#3may, #takebackthetech, #commright or all three)

  • Take a picture of the speech bubble in different spaces to claim that space. For example, on your computer, by the sidewalk, or a picture of yourself holding it up.

  • Post it! Help create a collective demand by adding your picture to the gallery. You can post your picture on this site, using Twitpic, on TBTT's facebook page or email it to: ideasATtakebackthetechDOTnet.

3) Create a video!

We are encouraging women and girls all over the world to share their message by creating a video. Communication Is Your Right! empowers people to create videos about what messages are being suppressed and offers a platform for women to share their messages. Here is how you can submit your videos:

Join Us!

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