Copyrighted breasts, the Avengers and it was never a dress

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Female scientists told to add a male author to their study

We know the gender gap in the scientific field exists, but is this taking it too far? Female scientists’ submission rejected partly because it did not have male co-authors. More >

Source: The Huffington Post, Katie Sola

A woman copyrighted her breasts to fight her ex’s revenge porn, and it still didn’t work

Hilary thought copyrighting her breasts would protect her from her ex’s revenge porn antics, but even that did not work. More >

Source: Bustle, Claire Warner

It was never a dress

“The tech company Axosoft revealed the real story behind the bathroom lady’s silhouette at the Girls In Tech conference last week.” More >

Source: Feministing, Maya Dusenbery

How can you tell if you’re being sexually empowered or objectified?

Are you being sexually empowered or objectified, well it all comes down to the question ‘who has the power?’ Have a look at this informative comic. More >

Source: Everyday Feminism, Ronnie Richie

Joss Whedon is far from a feminist and Avengers: Age of Ultron just proved it

“I will never forgive the fact that there is one woman on the team and the sum total of what she was allowed to do in the movie was be sad about a boy.” More >

Source:, Molly Shalgos

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