Internet has a big footprint

Internet has a big footprint.

We often hear that the internet is a cloud. But the internet has a big footprint: manufacturing, transportation, energy, usage. With this first release we start a reflective webcomic series around internet's infrastructure from a feminist technopolitical perspective.

Download the webcomic in PDF.

The streets are empty...

Finally, some peace!

Global paralisis has reduced human impact. Nature blooms!

But thats just one part of the story...

In pandemic, we're online more than ever.

They tell us that internet is a cloud.

But internet is material: a spaghetti of undersea cables.

Lots of machines blinking

Greedy and insatiable extractivism.

Internet has a big footprint.

But we can learn how to care.

Follow these doodles at Poetic license: share under the moon. Created by Nadège.

Some sources:

The Carbon Footprint of the internet

Carry on reading (in Spanish):

Repensar el uso de metales frente al modelo extractivista (Suriendo)

Chiapas, territorio digital geoestratégico (Sursiendo)


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