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Argentine judges dismiss rape of 6-year-old because child Is ‘gay’

Ridiculous? Two justices in Argentina gave a pedophile a severely reduced sentence because his 6-year-old victim had been previously abused and seemed ‘gay. More >

Source: The Daily Beast, Nina Strochlic

Makers Emojis: Femojis

In case you’ve missed it, check out the Makers team new femojis, see any familiar faces? More >


After Ireland’s gay marriage vote, 3 happy couples have already popped the question

In a historic event, Ireland legalized gay marriage by popular vote, after a referendum on the issue was met with a resounding ‘Yes.’ More >

Source: Bustle, Kirsten O’Regan

Being a butch woman around men sure would be a lot easier without the patriarchy

Check out this cool comic about being a butch woman around men. “You’re basically a guy right?” More >

Source: Everyday Feminism, Anna Bongiovanni

The Apple Watch is surprisingly great for women

“My company bought all its employees an Apple Watch, so here I am with one. And unexpectedly, I’m loving it — mostly because I think it’s a device that’s really great for women.” More >

Source: BuzzFeed, Annie-Rose Strasser

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