The Sixth Internet Governance Forum in Nairobi is an excellent opportunity for all of us to know where we stand in terms of gender balance and representation in IGF-related processes.

The Gender Report Card put forward by the Association for Progressive Communications is a simple but strategic way to get a more accurate sense of women's participation at the IGF.

The Gender Report Card basically looks at:

- How many women are participating in each IGF session?

- How many speakers of each IGF session are men or women?

- From which stakeholder group(s) are the women speakers?

- To what extent does each session incorporate a gendered analysis?

You can find attached at the end of this note the Gender Report Card in both .odt and .doc formats. Download it!

You can help by printing it out and bringing it to your workshops, or you can share it online with other IGF participants.

Are you at the IGF? Take this on! Invite others to take part.

If you know people at the IGF, please email them this card!

Once the Gender Report Cards are filled up, please look out for any APC member at the IGF and deliver the cards to them.

You can also email the unprinted cards to or

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