23 September 2005 - …but where are the women?

Brenda Zulu on 26 Sep 2005 | 2,396views
The Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) report acknowledges that there is the lack of participation of women, indigenous peoples, civil society and small enterprises in the ICT decision making processes. However women's participation is critical to shape just and equal internet use and evolution.

23 September 2005 - Gender advocates advised to integrate MDGs

Brenda Zulu on 26 Sep 2005 | 2,545views
The joint discussion of the Association for Progressive Communications Women's Networking Support Programme (APC WNSP), African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET) and the WSIS Gender Caucus showed that it is important for gender and ICT advocates to embrace MDGs in order to talk in the same language with the government.

23 September 2005 – Last Day at Geneva, End of Week 1 (concept of time no longer exists)

Jac sm Kee on 25 Sep 2005 | 2,676views
Of course! Just when I start to get the hang of things and feel like I am finally getting a vague idea of what is going on, it’s time to go. Brenda Zulu who arrived late last night will be taking over blogging for the next week while I go home to the land of good food at reasonable prices (yipee!). It should be exciting. A real test of the promise of participatory, multi-stakeholder, transparent processes that WSIS is distinguished for as a global event...

22 September – Quickie on IG (a little late)

Jac sm Kee on 23 Sep 2005 | 2,212views
Sorry for late blog today. The WSIS Gender Caucus have come up with a draft Briefing Paper that states its positions on WSIS PrepCom-3 so far, and by the time Lenka & I worked on inputs and comments to the draft to be submitted to the caucus, I couldn’t face Fabala anymore...

21 September 2005 – Sex[ism] in the Afternoon (1:00pm – 3:00pm)

Jac sm Kee on 22 Sep 2005 | 3,024views
HUMPH! I am so pissed off I could punch someone (if I didn’t believe in random acts of violence, I would have by now!! Grr..) To start from the beginning, a civil society side event was organised on “Internet Governance Forum Function” with plenary presentations by members of WGIG. This was to have a space for discussion on how a global forum or interface on internet governance might look like, with what kinds of priorities, membership, roles, responsibilities, powers and functions, if any...

21 September 2005 – Porn[ography] in the Morning (10:00am – 1:00pm)

Jac sm Kee on 22 Sep 2005 | 2,488views
The day started with sun! After two days of feeling like a houseplant, the feeling of optimism that the bright, yellow and warm gaze of actual sun is not to be sneered at...

20 September 2005 - Getting to the Gender Ghetto (post-lunch-that-didn’t-happen)

Jac sm Kee on 21 Sep 2005 | 2,707views
In the last hour where I sat through the plenary session, my ears were on high alert for the mention of gender. Granted I only managed to catch a few governments’ statements (i.e. Switzerland, Venezuela, Turkey, Burkina Faso, Singapore, South Africa and Republic of Korea) before stakeholders like the ITU, CCBI and the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus were given the floor for their statements, gender relations, dimensions, -based discrimination/exclusion were missing from any of the statements...

20 September 2005 – All Over the Place (pretty much the whole day)

Jac sm Kee on 21 Sep 2005 | 3,268views
After blogging till pretty late last night, woke up a wee bit late this morning =/ Managed to catch the tail-end of the Sub-Committee A plenary session, which discussed about internet governance issues. ..

19 September 2005 - Civil Society Content and Themes Meeting (6:00pm – 7:00)

Jac sm Kee on 20 Sep 2005 | 2,435views
The evening reception happening outside of the meeting room really tested the commitment of the participants in this meeting (me! me!). But Tracey Naughton (MISA - Media Institute of Southern Africa) who chaired the meeting was amazingly efficient, and despite it starting almost 20 minutes late, she managed to outline the new method and structure of working, faciliate a discussion on its finer points, culled concrete steps of moving forward, and organised ourselves into working teams...

19 September 2005 - Gender Caucus Meeting (1:00pm – 2:00pm)

Jac sm Kee on 20 Sep 2005 | 2,650views
Admittedly I was late for this because I got hopelessly lost at the Palais de Nations Building. When I finally arrived, still hungry and panting, the meeting was in full-swing. Kind of...

19 Sept 2005 – Opening Plenary (10:00am – 12:00pm)

Jac sm Kee on 20 Sep 2005 | 3,780views
So, all in all, a much more politically charged day than I thought it would be. For the first time possibly ever, I was actually impatient to be on time for the Opening Plenary of an event... <i>(warning: a rather long post that tries to make sense of the Human Rights in China accreditation issue and the politicisation of international advocacy platforms that it exposes)</i>

18 September 2005 - Civil Society Orientation Session (10:00am - 5:00pm)

Jac sm Kee on 20 Sep 2005 | 2,449views
The first day of WSIS Prep Com 3 already promises to be volatile. The Civil Society Orientation Session featured at least two white elephants straining to break free...

Questions raised - VAW & ICTs: strategies for change

Jac sm Kee on 13 Jun 2005 | 2,725views
These are the questions raised at the mailing list discussion for the Theme: "VAW & ICTs: Strategies for Change". We hope for further engagement and responses to them from the users of this space (Feminist Talk)

Questions raised - VAW & ICTs: global policy processes

Jac sm Kee on 13 Jun 2005 | 2,876views
These are the questions raised at the mailing list discussion for the theme: "VAW & ICTs: Global Policy Processes". We hope for further engagement and responses to them from the users of this space (Feminist Talk).

Questions raised - pornography & censorship

Jac sm Kee on 13 Jun 2005 | 3,068views
These are the questions raised at the mailing list discussion for the Theme: "Pornography & Censorship", as a specific section under Theme I which dealt with harmful representations of women in ICTs, censorship and internet governance". We hope for further engagement and responses to them from the users of this space (Feminist Talk)