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"Sonia Randhawa is a member of's pool of writer.

Pakistan: Jehan Ara talks on censorship, and intrusion into women's space (audio, 23 mins)

Posted Mon 2 Aug 2010 - 03:16 | 6,210 views editor Sonia Randhawa interviews the president of the Pakistan Association of Software Houses for IT & ITES (P@SHA), Jehan Ara, about privacy, ICTs and violence against women, touching on censorship, and intrusion into women's space by both the State and non-state actors - such as husbands, boyfriends, fathers and family.

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South Africa: Pornography and the internet - justifiable protection or entrenching patriarchy?

Posted Wed 28 Jul 2010 - 21:52 | 19,788 views
A draft Bill proposing a ban on sexual content on the internet and cellphones submitted to the South African Department of Home Affairs in May 2010 claims to have the best interests of women and children in mind. The Bill was submitted to the Department, which oversees the Film and Publications Board, by a non-profit organisation called Justice Alliance of South Africa (JASA).
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Licenciada en comunicación de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, e integrante del grupo de investiga

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Argentina: Strategic use of ICT as a response to violence against women

Posted Wed 28 Jul 2010 - 15:37 | 12,913 views
Although violence against women through information and communication technologies is not yet a matter of public discussion in Argentina, the problem affects the lives of women and girls. A workshop held in Buenos Aires by APC WNSP to guide women in the strategic use of ICTs to combat violence resulted in some interesting initiatives. Concern regarding the irregular use made of cell phones, the...
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Mavic Cabrera-Balleza

Mavic Cabrera-Balleza is the international coordinator of the Global Network of Women Peacebuilde

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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Two sides of the same ICT coin - breaking the silence /breaking the laws

Posted Wed 28 Jul 2010 - 12:19 | 20,765 views writer Mavic Cabrera-Balleza speaks with Sylvie Niombo and Francoise Mukuku, ICT activists from Congo-Brazzaville and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) respectively. They discuss various facets of the information and communication technologies and the context to which they apply in the DRC . The interviewees elaborate on how ICTs can be used to reduce incidence of violence...
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Esther Nasikye is a trained citizen journalist and founder of ChangeWaves, a civil society organi

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South Africa: Privacy and domestic violence online and off

Posted Mon 19 Jul 2010 - 21:38 | 18,132 views
While women's rights activists have been at the forefront of making the private crimes that occur at home - domestic violence, marital rape - public, new technologies are making the private public in ways that disenfranchise, alienate and violate women. Esther Nasikye and Sally-Jean Shackleton explore how ICTs, privacy and domestic violence in South Africa are showing up problems in both policy...

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ICT gender issues past, present and future

Posted Wed 2 Jun 2010 - 08:07 | 3,029 views
As women living in Africa we have many things to confront: the process of African enlargement and our participation in the globalised world, the decline of national states, the dominance of market and consumerism, growing poverty, social and political inequalities or insecurities within Africa and outside in the face of neo-conservatism and dominance of the United States.
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Marina Maria

Marina Maria es integrante del equipo de investigación brasilero del proyecto EROTICS.

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Internet regulation and the Brazilian EroTICs context

Posted Wed 2 Jun 2010 - 06:21 | 6,615 views
Authors Sonia Corrêa, Marina Maria and Jandira Queiroz document how gender and sexuality have been at the heart of internet regulation debates in Brazil. However, this centrality does not necessarily translate to the discourses, analysis and the political claims of social actors involved in sexual politics, on the one hand, and digital politics, on the other. In the authors' view, there is no...

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How to look at censorship with a gender lens

Posted Wed 2 Jun 2010 - 06:21 | 5,603 views
Heike Jensen and Sonia Randhawa, APC WRP members participating in a gender team of the OpenNet Initiative in Asia (ONI-Asia), talk about how censorship and gender interrelate. Since 2006, APC WRP has taken a closer look at internet censorship and surveillance practices from a gender perspective in order to develop a gender research framework for examining freedom of expression, security and...
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Nadine is a feminist activist from Beirut, Lebanon and is APC's EROTICS project coordinator.

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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Internet?

Posted Wed 2 Jun 2010 - 06:21 | 7,131 views
"Clearly, one cannot speak of sexual rights activism in Lebanon without speaking at length about internet usage, as both are tied together at levels from personal identity and relationships to political activism and mobilization," claims Nadine Moawad, the APC's EroTICs project partner. In this article, she assesses the role of the internet in the rise of sexual rights activism in Lebanon, and...
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Manjima Bhattacharjya is a sociologist based in Mumbai.

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‘Does your mother know?’ Agency, risk and morality in the online lives of young women in Mumbai

Posted Wed 2 Jun 2010 - 06:21 | 17,386 views
Manjima Bhattacharjya and Maya Ganesh, the India partner of the APC's EroTICs Project, open their input with the evocative lyrics of a Swedish pop group ABBA: “And I can chat with you baby / Flirt a little, maybe / But does your mother know that you’re out ?” This article is about middle-class women digital natives in Mumbai, the city with the highest internet use in India, and the initial...